Watch users of EFRONELA.COM :-)

What is the weather like today?

Should I wear my hat, choose shoes or winter boots?!

Should I take my umbrella or grab my sunglasses instead?

Hi, I'm Efronela

Thomas... my name

We have a simple answer to these questions. But forget all the degrees, humidity, barometer, windspeed... Numbers, which don’t tell you anything.

Yeah, we give you something more practical: an alternative user friendly weather forecast.

Sunglasses or an umbrella? Shoes or boots? Jacket or a coat? Gloves, a hat, a scarf or none of them? All this information is included.

Just visit EFRONELA.COM and in a few seconds you see us dressed up and ready to go outside.

And even more! If you look carefully, you may recognize the location you are at, daylight, sunset or night, you may see the rain, snow or fog.

Remeber, the forecast is calculated just for your location for right now and few upcoming hours.

Enjoy our site EFRONELA.COM :-)

The service is fully free for everyone, available everywhere.

Ok, I keep my umbrella home for today. Thanks.